"A Rooftop Attraction Like Atlanta's Never Seen."

- Urbanize Atlanta

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Hours of Operation

Open daily at 11 am

Pool Club Passes

Access Day Pass

Access the Pool Club without swimming. Limited availability each day. Reservations open up each morning.

Lounger Day Pass

Access the Pool Club with swimming included. Reserve your lounger and relax poolside.


2023 Season Pass

Want more good times and tan lines? Get first dibs on loungers, early bird tickets to events, and special perks with our Season Pass.

Cabanas hit differently

Elevate your day-to-night experience.

Featured Event

Departure Saturdays

Take a trip to the world’s hottest destinations without a passport, plane ticket, or carry-on. This summer, L.O.A. is inviting guests to depart from the ordinary and relive some of their favorite international vacations in the heart of Atlanta with a new summer series, Departure Saturdays.

Weather at L.O.A.

A transportive oasis in West Midtown Atlanta

Take a Dip Or Swim at Your Own Risqué

Welcome to our tropical paradise...an expansive 21+ rooftop oasis overlooking Atlanta's skyline.

Featuring stunning panoramic views, a Pool, a Restaurant, and Grove, Rooftop L.O.A. exists solely to be experienced and savored. Come early or unwind after a long day at work for the perfect playtime blend of style and substance. Whether sipping on a handcrafted cocktail or lounging in a cabana, our refreshing escape will transport you to a warm place of pure fun and bliss. So set your out-of-office replies, join us for a dip, and soak in the scenery at this day-to-night urban oasis.

Pool Bar

Rooftop L.O.A.’s Pool Bar features food and beverage service starting at 11am.

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